Miami Lakes Optometrists Explains Eye Flashes & Floaters

I’m sure you’ve had them your whole life, or you are just recently starting to see them.  Those little black fuzzy things floating around your eye.  These pesky critters are commonly known as floaters.  Eye floaters are one of the common problems that affect people of age above 50. These floaters are tiny moving bits that appear in your eye. They can be prominent when you are looking at something of bright color. [...]

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Anatomy of the Eye

Let’s dive into the different layers of the eye and see what gives us this amazing thing we call sight.  I’m going to nerd this one out and take you right back to the classroom.  The organ of vision is the most important of all the human senses because a person receives about 80% of information about the outside world through the eyes.  It really is a truly amazing sense if you’re lucky [...]