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Protecting Your Eyes With Diet

Having good vision helps you to perform various functions in daily life. It is essential to keep your eyes healthy by taking in a well-balanced diet in your day to day life. As part of a balanced and healthy diet, an individual should eat food items that are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants remove the oxidants from the body that can cause negative effects on eye health. An individual should consume food items [...]

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Makeup Users and Eye Health Problems

Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ of the body and it is essential to protect eyes from the external toxic substances. Many women these days spend a lot of time and money on eye cosmetics to gain confidence and to enhance their beauty. Though we are busy trying to look more beautiful at times, we fail to realize the harmful effects of the products that are being used in our daily [...]

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How Do Eyes Develop?

Ever wonder how and when our eyes develop? Eyes begin to develop in the human embryo from the third week to the tenth week and involve cells of ectoderm (outermost germ layer of the embryo) and mesoderm (middle germ layer of the embryo). The eye is the most complex organ in the human body that takes years to develop completely. The main function of the eye is to focus the light from an [...]

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Eye Color, How and Why?

Eyes are the colored sensory organs that play an important role in the vision. The eye color is determined by the variation of genes in an individual. The color of the eyes is due to the presence of melanin in the iris. The amount of the melanin in the iris along with the presence of white collagen fibers produces green, blue or hazel color. Melanin is produced by the specialized cells called melanocytes [...]

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Effects of Alcohol on Eyes and Vision

Alcohol is an intoxicating agent that has serious effects on the health of an individual. Drinking alcohol in moderate quantities does not have any long-lasting effects on eyes but repeated episodes of heavy drinking can have much deleterious impact causing permanent vision impairment. The way an individual’s body responds generally depends on the amount of alcohol consumption and the body's threshold but most likely an individual will have the symptoms of drowsiness and [...]

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Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Unlike other hair in the human body, Eyebrows and eyelashes are prominent and are not diminished over time. They are eye accessories which give a good appearance to our eyes. The question here is what the function of eyebrows and eyelashes is, and why we have this type of hair above and around the eyes? Eyebrows were found to remove moisture from eyes and play a role in identifying individuals. The area around [...]

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Night Vision

Our eyes need light to be able to see. However, the eyes can see well in darkness with the help of special substances. During day and night, eyes are exposed to a various intensities of light. There are three areas in the eyes that adjust the exposure of eyes to different intensities of light: The pupil: it acts like the aperture of the cameras which become wider or narrower depending on the degree [...]

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Online Eye Exams

It is possible to test your eyes online without visiting an eye specialist. The aim of these online tests is to save time and effort you may exert to go to your eye doctor to examine your eyes. Many companies now offer online test using your computer or Smartphone. The test may examine your visual acuity, look if you have a condition called astigmatism which is an eye problem that can cause blurred [...]

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Seasonal Allergy And Eye Problems

Seasonal allergies or hay fever are allergic conditions that occur in specific seasons in the year affecting your body causing some allergy symptoms. The reason for this condition may be an exposure to pollen particles released from trees, weeds and grasses. As a result, individuals who are hypersensitive to these particles respond by releasing a substance in their body called as histamine. The degree of symptoms and response to these allergens can vary [...]

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Sleep and Eye Health

A good sleep is important for your general health including the health of your eyes. A lack of good night sleep can be detrimental to your eye health and may interfere with the quality of your vision. The negative effects of insomnia can be mild in some people and maybe quite serious in the others. One of the most common effects of insomnia is dark circles around your eyes. You may notice this [...]

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