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Prescription glasses are not only that expensive, but they are also very fragile. They can break easily, they can get scratched or they can lose their proprieties if not cleaned correctly. In this article we will get into details on how to take care of your glasses in order to have them last longer, and what things you should avoid.

Let’s begin with what you should DO:

  • Clean the lenses on a regular basis using warm water and a bit of dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. Then use a clean and soft cloth that is made of cotton or microfiber in order to dry them. Many companies are recommending to use their special cleaning solutions, but they are not any better than liquid soap. They might be useful for when you are traveling, but other than that they are more expensive without any extra benefits
  • When not wearing them, always keep the glasses in a hard shell that has the right dimension compared to your glasses (it shouldn’t be too large or too small)
  • When placing them on any surface, always lay them with the lenses facing upwards
  • When you are picking them up, when placing them on your head or when removing them, always use both hands. When keeping them on, make sure they lie on your nose, not on your head. This will prevent the frames from becoming misaligned. Even the cleanest lenses will not be that effective if they are not placed correctly

Now let’s have a look at the things you should AVOID in order to maintain your glasses in a good shape on the long term:

  • As mentioned above, only wipe the lenses when they are wet. If you will wipe them when they are dry, any dust or debris found on the glasses or on the cloth could scratch the lenses
  • Don’t use paper towels, napkins or tissues because they have a rough surface that could scratch the lenses
  • Don’t use any household cleaners, bleaches, liquids that contain ammonia or vinegar. Most glasses these days have an anti-reflective layer, and these substances can cause harm
  • Most people are exhaling on the lenses before cleaning them, but specialists do not recommend this as it doesn’t get the lenses wet enough. They also do not recommend using saliva to clean them, as it may contain substances that damage the lenses
  • Never place the glasses directly in a bag, purse or in your pocket. First, place them in their protective case
  • For ladies that are using make-up, try to keep the glasses far away from the area and do not place them on the sink or the vanity top. Various cosmetics, sprays and perfumes can damage the anti-reflective surface of the lens
  • Don’t leave the glasses in the car when it is very warm outside, and especially on the dashboard. The windshield will increase the heat of the sun (just like a magnifying glass) and could damage the glasses

Keep these tips in mind when caring for your lenses and keep them in perfect working order for a longer period of time.