How To Take Care Of Your Glasses

Prescription glasses are not only that expensive, but they are also very fragile. They can break easily, they can get scratched or they can lose their proprieties if not cleaned correctly. In this article we will get into details on how to take care of your glasses in order to have them last longer, and what things you should avoid. Let’s begin with what you should DO: Clean the lenses on a regular [...]

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All You Need To Know About Refractive Errors

The human eye is a complex organ and various structure need to function perfectly in order for you to have a great vision. But things are not always perfect and certain things might not work as they should. Today we will take a closer look into the types of refractive errors, their causes, symptoms, and treatments. But first let’s take a closer look at the components of the eye that help you have [...]

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Anatomy of the Eye

Let’s dive into the different layers of the eye and see what gives us this amazing thing we call sight.  I’m going to nerd this one out and take you right back to the classroom.  The organ of vision is the most important of all the human senses because a person receives about 80% of information about the outside world through the eyes.  It really is a truly amazing sense if you’re lucky [...]

Bad Contact Lens Practices and Care

We all do it. When we are busy with daily life, seldom do we remember to follow healthy habits. This is especially true when it comes to our contact lens. While our contact lenses essentially transform our vision, when not used as directed by our eye care specialist, we can definitely do significant damage to our precious peepers. Let’s start by understanding what bad habits lead to poor contact lens care, but then [...]

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Importance of eye protection in the workplace and during sports

It’s hard to avoid places where we are not vulnerable to injury. This is especially true about our eyes. Because our eyes are extremely sensitive to physical contact, and trauma can certainly pose a great risk to our eyesight, we must protect our eyes. While the everyday person may not need to worry about extreme eye protection, a person finding themselves in an active environment may need to take extra precautions to avoid [...]

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Our Children and their Eyes

As adults, we may be perfectly aware of our vision. We know what to expect from our eyes, so when they get in the way of simple, daily tasks, like reading and writing, we can spot the difference. However, for our children, they seldom know their eyesight may be standing in the way of their academic excellence. Roughly 80% of children learn information visually. Typically, when children mature into young adulthood, this is [...]

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Common questions regarding Medical Insurance and Vision Plans

We receive numerous calls on a daily basis asking questions about their insurance or bills. I decided to answer a few of the questions that kept popping up to help patients understand more about how insurance works, and why it’s important to understand your benefits before you come into the office.  Many patients do not know that they are able to use their medical insurance for their eye exam, and although they may [...]

Simple Rules to having healthy eyes

Keeping eyes healthy and educating people on the importance of eye health and routine checkups is a passion of mine and one of the main driving forces that helped me become the person and doctor I am today.  This is one of my favorite topics because eye health is a very overlooked topic that should actually be incorporated into your yearly physicals. I believe and I’m sure you do as well, consider your [...]

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What is blue light and should I care?

Blue Light.  You’ve heard the term, but maybe didn’t really think too much about it.  You’ve heard rumors of digital devices being bad for your eyes but thought it’s probably not happening to me. Well, if your one of millions of people who spend numerous hours in front of the computer, tablet, tv, phone (yes, your phone) or some sort of digital screen your probably causing damage to your eyes without even knowing [...]

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