Anatomy of the Eye

Let’s dive into the different layers of the eye and see what gives us this amazing thing we call sight.  I’m going to nerd this one out and take you right back to the classroom.  The organ of vision is the most important of all the human senses because a person receives about 80% of information about the outside world through the eyes.  It really is a truly amazing sense if you’re lucky [...]

Common questions regarding Medical Insurance and Vision Plans

We receive numerous calls on a daily basis asking questions about their insurance or bills. I decided to answer a few of the questions that kept popping up to help patients understand more about how insurance works, and why it’s important to understand your benefits before you come into the office.  Many patients do not know that they are able to use their medical insurance for their eye exam, and although they may [...]

The importance of yearly Comprehensive Eye Exams

When I made the decision to start a blog I had a pretty good idea of the first couple of topics I wanted to talk about.  I knew I wanted to talk about Diabetes, Cataracts, Glaucoma and the health effects on your eyes.  I knew I wanted to educate people on blue light and the effects this hidden danger has on overall health, not just eye health.  But the root of all of [...]